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Your Number One Choice in Carpet, Upholstery & Tile Cleaning in the Pinelands, Observatory, Ronderbosch, Newlands, Bishops Court, Kenilworth and Claremont Areas!

Chem-Dry’s natural carpet cleaning methods have been tried and tested the world over and have made the list of top carpet and upholstery cleaning services for many years.   As the business has grown so have our franchises and range of products and today Chem-Dry is represented in most of the major cities in the world as well as having an extensive range of professional cleaning solutions that are used by our carpet cleaning technicians and can be purchased for at-home use.

The history of Chem-Dry dates back to the early 1970’s when what began as a troublesome spot of salad dressing on a silk tie ended as a revolutionary method of carpet cleaning.  Soda water was used to vanish the unsightly spot and got the wearer of the tie, Robert Harris who just so happened to work for a carpet cleaning company, to consider the power of effervescent bubbles.  Today the secret behind Chem-Dry’s natural carpet cleaning process is just that – carbonated water that has the amazing ability to penetrate deep within carpet and upholstery fibres and dislodge entrenched stains, dust and bacteria.  Powerful cleaning machines propel the carbonated water into the carpet and guarantee outstanding cleaning results, without the need for any harsh and dangerous chemical use.

Chem-Dry’s patented and natural Hot Carbonated Extraction System of cleaning carpets is now one of the most widely used and popular means of keeping carpets and upholstery clean and homes healthy.  The cleaning system is also fantastic to blast away germs, mould and bacteria build-up in moist areas such as bathroom and keeps your tiles and grouting hygienic and spotless.

The Chem-Dry name ticks all the boxes providing a deep, environmentally friendly clean that promises quick drying times due to the limited use of water and cleaner carpets for longer owing to the fact that no detergents or chemicals are used that may leave sticky, dust attracting residue. 

Latest News

Chem-Dry City Bowl’s second generation cleaning machines have just got better as we consistently strive to match your carpet cleaning challenges with innovative and improved solutions.  Our new Power Head and Power Base cleaning machinery still offers the same natural cleaning solution that the Chem-Dry name is renowned for with the additional advantage of faster drying times and exceptional carpet cleaning results.   Look no further than your local Chem-Dry City Bowl branch were our team of trusted carpet care specialists are waiting to tackle your unsightly spots, dusty upholstery and mouldy showers.

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